About Us

Every Size in Between

BUMP is an exclusive maternity wear brand specializing in evening and occasion wear. We offer seasonal collections of fashion focused maternity wear in luxe fabrics.

While pregnancy is an extremely special journey, we understand those 9 months don’t come without challenges. As months go on, your favourite outfits can’t fit room for two. With limited options in maternity clothing women often tend to purchase garments from regular clothing lines to hide their growing Baby BUMP, but we believe in empowering women to love their figure with clothing that fits and flatters their form.

FASHION MEETS MOTHERHOOD, Each design is carefully worked on to make sure it feels effortless and fun, unique and special. Reliable when nothing else does.

We take great joy in being a zero waste brand. All our garments are handcrafted to order at our inhouse manufacturing facility, ensuring our customers the best possible quality and value.

We are super excited, to bring you our collections.

INSPIRED BY YOU and be a part of your journey in the smallest way we can.